Still Family Farm wants to share with our neighbors the good food, great stories, and deep roots that we find on our farm every day. Located in Cobb County, Georgia, Still Family Farm presents opportunities for families, friends and neighbors to create lasting memories while learning about the history of our area and what grows all around us.

We value families and heritage because we have been blessed with a family story that began on this land in 1837. In our family, cousins own and operate Still Family Farm, LLC. Each with a different passion, we use our individual gifts to preserve and promote the skills and values handed down through the generations. We want to hear about your family and your stories. And, we want you to add to them! We invite you to visit the farm and create your own memories, because on this rich spot of earth, much of what grows here can’t be planted in the soil, but can certainly be taken home to create your own family story.


John Willingham Moon received about 60 acres in 1837 during one of the early land grants of Georgia right after the Trail of Tears. As his stake prospered he acquired several more tracts until the Moon Plantation was well known on the area. One story says the Plantation grew to nearly 3,000 acres.  


A portion of this land was passed down to one of his sons, Isaac Moon. Isaac was a physician, and later a Primitive Baptist minister who served Cobb County in the lower house of the Georgia General Assembly from 1885-87. He had several children, one of whom was Telulah. Telulah married a man named W.T. Walden, and these families looked on during the Civil War as Atlanta burned and Confederate soldiers dug entrenchments on the land in an effort to impede Sherman's supply line.

With each new generation parcels were sold, uses changed, and the original farm decreased. In the early 1930s, Viola Walden Still, Talulah's granddaughter, and her husband Clifford inherited what was left of Grandpa Moon’s original farm, which was about 140 acres.  They worked and lived close to the land, and like the generations before them, left the land to their children William, Sarah, and Glenn.  Glenn and his wife Marion continue to carry the role of steward, living on and adding tracts back to the boundaries of the farm.  Looking forward, Sarah and Glenn’s children will continue to uphold the treasure of the family legacy.  The eighth generation is Glenn’s grandchildren who bring to the community the public face of Still Family Farm.  And now, the ninth generation of family is growing up on the land, picking green beans in the gardens, splashing in the rain puddles, and catching crawdads in the same creek that Grandpa Moon's children played.


Third from left is Isaac Moon. He is shown here in front of his home on the property with members of his family, including his wife, daughter Telulah and son-in-law W.T. Walden.

Viola Walden Still and her husband Clifford Still. Viola was a well-known educator in Cobb County, and it is for her which Still Elementary is named.