Can I bring my dog to the farm?

While we LOVE animals, we do not allow dogs or other pets at the farm.

Where are all the farm animals?

We have chickens, horses and a donkey on a private portion of the property. Although they are not available to pet and visit during our fall season, we invite you to join us on a hayride and chat with our family to learn about the 184 year history of Still Family Farm and how we have evolved from a full working farm to the conservation efforts we employ today. On your hayride, look for other animals that live with us on the property.

Why are you only open on the weekends during the fall?

We actually all work regular jobs, including several of us at our other family business next door, Still Construction Company. Members of the Still family decided in 2013 to open the gates to our community so that we can connect and share such a blessed little spot of earth. This helps us pay the property taxes, and any additional funds go back into preserving the space for future generations.

Is Still Elementary named for your family?

Yes! Viola Walden Still was part of generation 5, and she served as a dynamic and impactful teacher in Cobb County for 45 years. She was one amazing lady, so come visit and learn more about how she and other family members impacted our community.

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