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Still Family Farm presents opportunities for families, friends and neighbors to create lasting memories while learning about the history of our area and what grows all around us.  Our family focuses on conservation of passive use land management through uncut forestry and cultivating fescue hay, as well as agritourism to share the land with our community in a seasonal themed venue. Our family wants to share the deep roots and great stories that have built the foundation for nine generations to grow up on this little spot of land just outside of Atlanta in west Cobb County, Georgia.

We value families and heritage because we have been blessed with a story that began on this land in 1837. In our family, cousins own and operate Still Family Farm, LLC. Each with a different passion, we use our individual gifts to preserve and promote the skills and values handed down through the generations. We want to hear about your family and your stories. More importantly, we want you to add to them! We invite you to visit the farm and create your own memories, because on this rich spot of earth, much of what grows here can’t be planted in the soil, but can certainly be taken home to create your own family story.

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