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  • Why are you not open for fall 2023?
    We have been open to the public for 10 seasons (2013 - 2022), and now we simply need a break. We actually all work regular jobs, including several of us at our other family business next door, Still Construction Company. Members of the Still family decided in 2013 to open the gates to our community so that we could connect and share such a blessed little spot of earth. However, we need to rest and re-evaluate how we can best serve the community while caring for our families. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Can I bring my dog to the farm?
    Dogs are allowed on a leash for photography and private events only. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Where are all the farm animals?
    We were a full working farm from 1837 up until the 1950s when Clifford Still went to work at Lockheed in Marietta. He realized he could make more money working in town than he could farming. However, we do have chickens, honey bees, horses and a mule on a private portion of the property. They are not available to pet and visit at this time.
  • Is Still Elementary named for your family?
    Yes! Viola Walden Still was part of generation 5, and she served as a dynamic and impactful teacher in Cobb County for 45 years. She had three children, and her youngest, Glenn, helps steward the land today.
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